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A recent study in the journal Nature showed that individuals with imbalanced gut microbes who consumed artificial sweeteners including aspartame, sucralose and saccharine saw an immediate two to fourfold increase in blood sugars. Obviously, this was considered to increase the risk of developing diabetes.


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Start with the Basics 

The human body requires approximately 90 essential nutrients to function properly. Without a near-constant supply of these essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, the body will break down and manifest disease.


A high quality diet is of utmost importance. Visit my Diet and Lifestyle Advice page and listen to my podcast, Cutting Through the Nutrition Nonsense to get your diet on the right track. Yet, for most of us (myself included), consuming enough different healthy foods every day is simply not practical.


You might be surprised at how healthy you might feel by the simple act of giving your body what it needs. So I urge you to start a basic supplemenation program today.


My top recommendation is Beyond Tangy Tangerine from Youngevity, a complete multivitamin and mineral formula (not even comparable to the likes of Centrum or One a Day). Best of all, it makes a refreshing drink you can sip on all day long, giving your body the greatest capacity to absorb the nutrients.


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Recommended Dietary Supplements:

Youngevity Products


Ancient Legacy Dead Sea Salt – calming, rejuvenating bath salts once favored by Cleopatra


Beyond Organic Amasai – satisfying fermented dairy beverage with 30 live probiotic cultures; made with a special casein-free milk variety


Beyond Organic SueroViv – probiotic, electrolyte-rich water often used as a cleansing formula or healthy sports drink alternative; combine with plain kefir for a delicious, supercharged gut-friendly drink


Beyond Organic GreenFed Cheese – rich, savory cheese produced from the highest quality organic milk; truly a complex, distictive flavor unlike any cheese you've had before; havarti or cheddar


Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 - "flagship" product, arguably THE BEST single nutritional supplement on the planet; the ultimate multivitamin drink mix including probiotics, antioxidants, amino acids and much more, all in a tangy citrus peach fusion flavor


Bio-Lumin Nightly Essence - potent blend of 14 strains of probiotic bacteria with a therapeutic dose of more than 30 Billion units per serving (scroll to second page of link for supplment facts)


Cell Shield RTQ – potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging supplement containing resveratrol, turmeric and quercetin


Citri-D Vitamin D3 Spray – each refreshing spray contains 1000 IU vitamin D; with almost 400 sprays per bottle, an excellent value


FluBuster – unique combination of anti-viral herbs and vegetable extracts


KidSprinklz - a unique multivitamin for kids; great tasting watermelon-flavored crystals you sprinkle on your tongue.


KillerBiotic Fx – powerful immune-boosting capsules made with colostrum, garlic, mushroom extracts and more


Livinity Relief Pain Gel – proprietary formula that penetrates deep and blocks pain signals for relief of joint and muscle pain


Pollen Burst Plus– antioxidant and energy drink mix containing pollen extract, green tea and superoxide dismutase (SOD) as well as caffeine, B vitamins and 1000 IU vitamin D; a healthier alternative to soda or sweet tea


Root Beer Belly – five strains of probiotics, with five billion cultures per packet; pleasing root beer flavored crystals, great for kids


Ultimate Colloidal Silver Plus – proven to kill pathogenic bacteria


Ultimate Enzymes – broad spectrum digestive enzymes helpful for a variety of GI conditions and optimum absorption of nutrients



Wellness Resources Products


Blood Booster – safe and highly bioavailable form of iron; typically recommended for women during the 1-2 weeks prior to their menstrual period


Daily Protein Plus – the highest quality and most delicious whey protein available


Daily Balancer – liver health formula; recommended for those who drink alcohol regularly or use prescription medications


Daily Bone Xcel - well-balanced bone building formula with calcium, vitamin D and other supportive minerals

Daily DHA – high dose of DHA and EPA derived from fish oil; especially helpful for those with head injuries, high cholesterol or chronic inflammation, including auto-immune conditions


Grape Seed Extract 100 – builds and strengthens bodily tissues, especially endothelial lining of blood vessels


Hyaluronic Acid – another key building substance for connective tissue, particularly tendons, ligaments and cartilage


Melatonin – natural sleep aid


Repair Plus – potent anti-inflammatory formula containing curcumin and enzymes


Super CoQ10 – a must for anyone taking statin drugs; an essential part of cellular energy production


Super Mini-Multi – complete multivitamin for children able to swallow (small) capsules


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Recommended Foodstuffs




Chef Keith Snow's organic spice blends and premium pasta sauces are especially fresh and delicious. If I had to pick favorites, I would go with the Montana Steak and Greek Chicken seasonings, along with the Sundried Tomato and Rosemary pasta sauce.


The extra virgin olive oil is also an outstanding product, buttery and nutty in flavor, from a single-source family grower in California.




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